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Castle Bay Country Club offers golf equipment in Jacksonville, NC to meet all your golfing needs. We carry a wide range of golfing supplies and accessories that are fully stocked no matter what you are looking for. Furthermore, our golf equipment is the best around so it will also help you to improve your golf game. Our pros are readily available in the shop to assist you in filling your next golf bag.
For your golfing needs, we provide the following golf equipment:

  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Bags
  • Golf Carts
  • Putters
  • Drivers
  • Irons  
We carry all the large, brand name golf equipment so you are sure to find your favorite in our shop. Our drivers will help you get more distance with higher speed and lower spin. Our staff will help to find the precise fit for your grip and body. We are a fitting professional so we can be sure your clubs are tailored to your needs. You’ll be making your putt on every hole with our fine club choices.
Our golf bags come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. From light two-pocket bags to fully featured bags, we have the right sizes and colors to suit your style. A lightweight bag is an essential piece of golf equipment. It is important to find the right one that you feel most comfortable with.
We at Castle Bay Country Club have all the golf equipment you need to enhance your golf game in the Jacksonville, NC area. We have a full line of the finest and most popular golf bags available on the market. 

Stop in to our store, and see everything we have to offer!

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